Sunday, June 10, 2007

32 Celsius degrees

Its a bit more than 32 Celsius degrees (about 89.6 Fahrenheit, according to Babylon) in my office at the moment. its a hot day. we usually have lots of electricity power breaks when its very hot so I expect problems.

Israel has this very big problem now with her power manufacturing capabilities. They say things will change by 2010 when private power turbines will be activated but until then the electricity company have this campaign to explain various alert levels for power breaks. They published this pdf explaining the subject I am going to be much more specific about this issue as it is a major problem for our home office and even added this "low-res" indicator on their homepage showing current status.

My immediate reaction was I want this indicator personalized for my own neighborhood, or at least nearest city. what do I care if some other part of the country is now red or green?? i want to know my own forecast. Ha! Anyway, I believe I must make progress with my home power back-up system allowing approximately 1.5 hours of full capacity work on two workstations including screens and surrounding peripherals.

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